About the inc/ directory

When you download the theme you’ll notice that the /inc folder contains most of the add-on functionality for the parent theme and all of these files are then loaded up via functions.php

Pluggable (overridable) Largo functions

Many of Largo’s core functions are pluggable so you can write your own version of them by using the same function name in a child theme’s functions.php.

You can read up on how that works in the WordPress codex section about child themes.

See: Function Reference.

Theme Options and the Options Framework

Largo uses the Options Framework for the Appearance > Theme Options menu pages.

If you need to access a Theme Options value, use of_get_option() instead of the usual get_option(). The theme options pages themselves can be customized from options.php in the main theme folder.

Homepage Templates

See Homepage layouts from our Largo-Sample-Child-Theme repository.


The Largo parent theme uses LESS CSS to generate the stylesheets including a number of elements borrowed and tweaked from Twitter Bootstrap.

You will notice that the theme’s main style.css is empty except for the header block because we enqueue our styles from css/style.css (the output of /less/style.less when it’s compiled), overriding the WordPress default behavior of including the style.css file in the root of the theme directory.

Compiling translation files

To rebuild the translation files, run the following commands:

grunt pot
grunt msgmerge
grunt po2mo


See the Largo User Guide for Administrators Theme Images page to see the list of image types and sizes you’ll need to get your site up and running.

More on image sizes: